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Noico has been established since 1986 and have provided a first class and specialised service since.

Yes we can arrange for a site visit if we feel you will benefit from that. In most cases we need to take measurements and discuss the precise nature of your project.

A sound attenuator is a silencer, sound attenuators can be added into most systems as part of a noise reduction solution. As a result you may choose from a selection of standard or custom engineered sound attenuators that will satisfy the requirements of each application.

Acoustic Louvres reduce noise pollution from plant cooling towers, boiler rooms and air handling systems in all types of buildings, including power stations, chemical treatment plants and offshore applications.

Weather Louvre ventilation products are systems made from groups of either fixed or operable blades, mounted in a frame. The purpose of a louvre is to let in the required light and air whilst keeping out unwanted elements such as water, dirt, direct sunshine, noise and debris.

Acoustic enclosures are acoustic chambers, noise enclosures, acoustic barriers and screens, and sound isolation enclosures that minimise or attenuate noise.

Acoustic screens provide absorption, diffusion with absorption, separation and bass control. They can be fixed or mobile and are ideal in places where you need to break sound down.

An acoustic door is a solid, heavily framed door which most often includes seals around its edges and has insulated construction to reduce noise and vibrations from passing through its surface.

Vibration isolation is the process of isolating an object, such as a piece of equipment, from the source of vibrations.

Wall lining systems are ideal for reducing the transmission of sound from a room that produces significant noise.

Sound Havens can be fitted in noisy places and are designed to offer respite for workers in noisy work environments.

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